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Contact information for our insurance companies and TPAs

PHC has many valuable relationships throughout our coverage area. Our relationship with local and national Insurance Companies and/or Third Party Administrators (TPA) was built with honest and open communications as a common foundation for business ventures.

While most PHC members understand the undivided role our contracted payors play during the claims administration process, some PHC members would like more information about other services offered by their Insurance Company/TPA.

So, PHC has established links to our payor's web sites. To view any of the listed web sites below, please click on the company name to initiate the link.

If you would like to access our network using one of the companies below, please contact us at 717-560-9290 x 127 or speak with your broker.

Inter County Health Plan 866-568-0845 PHC/Unity
Alternative Funding/Fully Funded
TPM Administrators 800-555-3122 PHC/Unity/PPHN
PATH Administrators 800-636-7632 PHC/Unity/PPHN
Traditional Self Funding
CoreSource 800-223-2943 PHC/Unity/PPHN
Significa Benefit Services 800-433-3746 PHC/Unity
South Central Preferred 800-843-1768 PHC/Unity/PPHN
The Loomis Company 800-346-1223 PHC/Unity/PPHN
TPM Administrators 800-555-3122 PHC/Unity/PPHN
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