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Make PHC your partner in affordable healthcare.

Everyone wins when PHC becomes your partner in providing accessible, efficient and affordable health care to your community. That's our philosophy! Our goal is the cost efficient and quality treatment of our clients' participants and the continued success of our participating providers.

PHC serves a full range of clients including:

  • Self-funded employers
  • Insurance companies
  • Associations
  • Healthcare coalitions
  • Government agencies and non-profit organizations
  • Hospital and other provider employee benefit plans
  • PHC has brought value to Lancaster, Chester and York Counties through our participating physicians and other health care providers since 1984.

Our presence in the community allows us to offer our clients the outstanding health care services which you expect from a health care partnership. This allows you to expand your potential for increased savings and member satisfaction.

PHC clients experience several important benefits:

  • Cost-efficient, quality care
  • Dedicated healthcare providers
  • Network alliances
  • Management reporting
  • Member satisfaction
  • At PHC, we strive to bring you value because we understand that our success depends on providing service that meets your needs.
  • Our staff is dedicated toward client and member satisfaction and is ready to assist you whenever your needs arise.

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