480 New Holland Ave, Suite #7203, Lancaster, PA 17602

Hours : Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
  Phone : 717-560-9290


Our goal is to provide cost efficient and quality treatment for plan members and to establish strong relationships with our participating providers.

PHC serves a full range of clients including:

  • Self-funded employers
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare coalitions
  • Government agencies and non-profit organizations
  • Hospital and other Healthcare Provider employee benefit plans

Our presence in the community allows us to offer our clients the outstanding healthcare services which you expect from a healthcare partnership. This allows you to expand your potential for increased savings and member satisfaction.

PHC clients experience several important benefits:

  • Cost-efficient, quality care
  • Dedicated healthcare providers
  • Network alliances
  • Management reporting
  • Member satisfaction